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Get started with your business in Pakistan

In ease of doing business Pakistan ranks 136 out of 190 countries according to The World Bank report. (2019, source)


We know how difficult it can be to find out about how business works.
We know how hard it can be to find the right partners and employees.
We know how tricky it can be to follow all the local regulations.
We know how long it takes to get your company registered, bank accounts setup and office location be opened.
We know how delicate it can be to follow your ethical guidelines and principles.
We know how annoying it can be to find out about the real costs of tools, rents, salaries.
We know how uncertain you can feel in dealing with local agencies about expat visas.
We know how exhausting it can be to learn the local language and work hard for your business simultanously.
We know how challenging it can be to find a school for your kids and live among locals.

And why do we know? – Because we experienced it all!


Our Services

For companies and individuals doing business in Pakistan we offer consultancy services to facilitate their needs. We can go along with you in discussing your business ideas and plans and then going further in actually setting up a company, finding a location and hiring employees, lawyers, accountants, etc. And if you have a special need or you need someone with experience on the ground, please talk to us!


Services for 
startup companies

feasability studies
second opinion
information about ground realities
company registration & setup

Possible roles:
consultant, coach, sparring partner, board member, recruiter, networker,... 

Services for
established companies

second opinion
on-site visits (e.g. quality checks)
information about ground realities
extending business field

Possible roles: 
consultant, advisor, trainer, interim manager, board member,...

Other Services

The sky is your limit - and some ground realities might be restrictive too. ;-)

If you are in need of a Westerner knowing about how Pakistan looks like from the inside, talk to us. We are happy to go the familiar or odd way – alongside with you.

About Us

Christian Herter

I have 5+ years experience in setting up a company and running an export oriented software business in Islamabad, Pakistan. I have immersed deep into the local culture and built up relationships to people from all social classes. I have years of experience in dealing with local authorities (e.g. company registration, tax, visa), banks and local suppliers. I know how to build up trust with clients far away when the country your working in has an improvable reputation. I have hired (and still am) local talents with degrees from various universities. I have experienced of what it means to live in a foreign culture with small kids during times of big and small tensions.

Current Roles

  • Master of Science UZH (dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker), University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Coach EASC
  • Born and raised in Switzerland, Swiss National
  • Family: married, children
  • Languages: (Swiss-)German, English, (Urdu)

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